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Help-content.png This help article will guide you as you edit in the Wiki. See Contributor Help for more help articles.

Images you would like to upload to the wiki must be submitted for approval by the wiki support team. This article gives you the steps to take to submit those images.

(If you are a long-time wiki contributor, you might be given  Reviewer rights  that allow you to upload the image yourself. See  Uploading images and files  for those instructions.)

Submitting Images

This article will teach you how to get an image file approved and uploaded. If this is your first time, read this whole article before submitting an image file. After the submission you will be notified when and if it was approved and uploaded.

You can also watch a video demonstration of how to add images to the wiki.

Uploaded Image files that are approved are automatically added to image namespace rather than to any actual Wiki page. This namespace is much like a storage space for the images or files. You will be given a link to your image. You can then add information to the image file, or add it to a category, or add it to a Wiki page.

Step 1:
Log in to Family Search Wiki.

Step 2:
Click Upload File in the "Toolbox" section of the navigation bar.
Step 3:
This will open a window titled Email File for Authorization.

Step 4:
If you are logged in to the Wiki, your email address and name automatically appear in the appropriate fields.

Step 5:
Click Browse and select the file from your computer for upload authorization. Make sure you are selecting the right image. It will be difficult to correct later.
Step 6:
Select a Title of Image. This should be the same as the name of the image. Make sure the Title is the correct one. It will be difficult to correct later. Include the Date Created for the image or the Date of publication, an approximate date if that is all you know.

Step 7: Description: Add a brief description of the image and historical background. Be sure to include copyright information. If the image has a copyright, then state what it is and what permission you have to upload it. If you created the image, then state it and give Family Search permission to use that image.

Step 8:
The rest of the page has several questions to answer. Fill this out in accordance to the FamilySearch Wiki:Conditions of Use Some of this is to determine the type of license. Make sure you understand. When ready to send the image file, click Send File.

After Submitting Your Images

Step 9:
Your image file will be sent to the FamilySearch Wiki Support Staff. Its a good idea to only send a few images at a time to the Family SearchResearch Wiki. It may take longer, but you will feel better about the process. Anything over a few image files and somehow they may possibly be dropped from the system.

Step 10:
An email will be sent from the FamilySearch wiki support staff. This email will state that the image has been approved or else request additional information in order that it might be approved or else give the reason for it not being approved. If approved, a link will be given to the image file. Also a Case ID number will be given.

Once your image file has been approved, it will be uploaded to the Family Search Research Wiki. Do not be surprised if there are changes to the "official" name of the file. It is common to see plus signs, negative signs, and underlines instead of the original spaces. Also it is possible that the type of format for the image file may have been changed. But none of these changes matter much if it results in an image file that can still be used. Try it out first using the actual name in the wiki for the image file. But if it doesn't work, contact the support staff with the problem, give the actual name of the image file and its Case ID number.

What do I do Next?

Step 11:
An image file may be searched by name like any article in the Family Search Research Wiki. Type the keyword(s) into the search box and hit Enter or else click the Search button. A list of articles show, but look to the left and hit the Multimedia link. Now a list of image files show. Scroll down to the one you want.

Open your image file. The sections after the actual image and before the "File History" section can be edited by any contributor, other parts cannot. Add a "Summary" section explaining what your image shows. Then change the "License" section to include all the Categories where you feel your image may be useful. After you save the file, your changes will be part of the image file.

The category names will show up at the very bottom of the image file. Click on every category you placed your image in. For each category, scroll down toward the bottom where the images are located. Make sure that your image file is located there.

Step 12:
You can now insert this image file into a wiki page.

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