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The Montana State Genealogical Society has published pioneer books, submitted by descendants, titled First Families and Early Settlers of Montana, Volumes I, and II. The Montana State Genealogical Society has issued First Families of Montana certificates to direct descendants of the very first residents who arrived prior to statehood, November 8, 1889, and to direct descendants of the Early Settlers of Montana who arrived between November 9, 1889 and December 31, 1929. Many of these later pioneers were the homesteaders who have gone unnoticed in Montana's history. This is our way of gathering information about them and sharing it with you through a future publication of the Montana State Genealogical Society.


The full information may include:

  • Name of husband and wife
  • Birth, marriage and death information
  • Name of submitter
  • Photographs
  • Sources of proof
  • Stories about the settlers (about half of a printed page)

Here are several options in accessing the full information:

  • 1. You may purchase Volume 1 and/or Volume 2. There is an online email
  • 2. A microfilm copy of the first volume and a microfiche copy of the second volume is in the Family History Library collection. Plus a digital copy of Vol III. All at First families of Montana and early settlers

Internet address

or do a search for Montana first families/early settlers


All indexes (by submitter or settler) to the first two volumes are at cost on the website, but the Family History Library copies are free on line for Vol III, and I and II can be ordered and seen at the Family History Centers for a small fee.


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