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Contacting a Swedish genealogical society can be a great step to expand or enrich your family history. With over 160 societies in Sweden, you will find that the size of membership, organization, and resources vary a lot group to group. Some factors are consistent such as:

  • They have a wealth of local knowledge that may help in finding your ancestors.
  • The society may have created research tools (like indexes or databases) to make research easier for their locality.
  • The members are happy to connect with people whose ancestors come from their locality.

There is a umbrella organization called The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund) that most societies belong to.

Here is a list of the genealogical societies in Uppland Province with contact information:

Society in Sweden Contact Person Contact Information / Homepage
Björklingebygdens Släktforskarförening Solveig Brundin-Eriksson



Address: C/O Brundin

                    Hambovägen 3

                    743 64 Björklinge, Sweden

Enecopia Släktforskarförening Tommy Myrsell



Address: c/o Tommy Myrsell

                    Fånöö slott

                    749 51 Grillby, Sweden

Nordupplands Släktforskare Staffan Adolfsson



Address: c/o Adolfsson

                   Socker-Lottas Gård 8

                   742 34 Östhammar, Sweden

Norrtälje Släktforskarförening Urban Johansson



Address: Box 280

              761 23 Norrtälje, Sweden

Periodical: Anbladet

Sala-Heby Släktforskare Sven-Erik Grahn



Address:c/o Sven-Erik Grahn

                   Humlevägen 7

                   Kumla Kyrkby

                   733 93 Sala, Sweden

Periodical: Silverräven.

Upplands släktforskarförening Roland Skoglund



Address: Sköldmövägen 15

              754 40 Uppsala, Sweden

Periodical: Runslingan


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