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Bouy and Water
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The help articles below will teach you all the ins and outs, tips and tools for using the wiki platform.
Wiki Help Articles
Help-Getting Started Black Icon.png

Getting Started on the Wiki
Completing the basics

Help-Search Black Icon.png

Browsing the Wiki
Navigating the site

Help-Edit Black Icon.png

Editing the Wiki
Help with editing, linking,   templates and more

Help-User Page Black Icon.png

User Page and Preferences
    Creating a user page and setting preferences

Help-Edit Black Icon.png

Creating Wiki pages
Creating and renaming Wiki pages

Help-User Page Black Icon.png

Community Meetings
    Collaborate and communicate with other users

Help-Images and Files Black Icon.png

Images and Files
Uploading images and using images in flies

Help-Resources and Lists Black Icon.png

Resources and Lists
Handy reference information for contributors

Help-Guiding Principles and Policies.png

Principles and Policies
Community standards for contributors

Help-Technical Information Black Icon.png

Technical Information
Instructions for Support and Sysops


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