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15:58, 24 June 2011 (UTC) For Stroud H. Jackson (January 4, 1853 - January 20, 1880).  "Straud" was apparently a misprint on the hand written 1870 census from Chicago, Illinois.  Abraham Reeves Jackson was the father of Stroud Hollinshead Jackson.  He died at Fort Snelling, MN. and was returned to Stroudsburg, Pa., his birth place for burial.  His grave is in the Stroudsburg Cemetery along with his mother,  Harriet Hollinshead, Dr. Jackson's first wife (November 19, 1819 - January 19, 1869) and a younger brother, Frank Wiliam Jackson ( June 10, 1858 - March 29, 1870).  Dr. A. R. Jackson moved to Chicago, Ill. and remarried there.  He had 2 daughters with his second wife.  One daughter lived only a few days after her birth and the other outlived her father by about 20 years.


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