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Known Issues

Question #1: When browsing St. Clair > Cahokia > Holy Family > 1850-1898 Marriages when I get to image 20 the arrow to advance to the next frame is gray. If I type in the number 21 nothing happens. It indicates that there are 98 images. Is there a way to view the other 78 images in this file?
Answer #1: There is a broken link at image 21. If you type in the number 22 you will be able to advance through the rest of the images.

Question #2: When searching Alexander > Cairo > St. Patrick > Deaths 1863-1906 why do I find records much later than 1906?
Answer #2: The file should be labeled Deaths 1863-1956.

Question #3: Why do the records for Washington County > Posen > Our Lady of Perpetual Help > 1925-1956 Deaths only contain records for 1942-1956? Are earlier death records available?
Answer #3: The file titled 1925-1956 Deaths is mislabeled. It should read 1942-1956. Earlier death records can be found in the file titled: 1901-1942 Deaths, First Communion, Confirmations. The death records begin with image 15.

Question #4: When viewing St. Clair > Cahokia > Holy Family > 1812-1825 Baptisms why are the first few pages images of “Repair and Restoration Laboratory”?
Answer #4: When original documents are filmed, all pages within the volume are filmed. This document was inside the volume being copied and therefore a part of the images for this file.

Question #5: When searching Randolph > Red Bud > St John the Baptist > 1908-1917 Marriages all nine images are from Vermont land records. Are the marriage records for 1908-1917 available?
Answer #5: Yes, the marriage records for St. John the Baptist for the years 1908-1917 are found in the file titled 1881-1931 Marriages. The records for 1908 begin on image 28.

Question #6: When browsing the St. Clair > East St. Louis > St. Cyril > 1921-1932 Marriages, I see that the images end with page 5, but the index shows there is 12 pages. Where can I view the missing pages?
Answer #6: The St. Clair > East St. Louis > St. Cyril > 1921-1932 Marriages pages 6-12 were not captured by the camera operator or may have been lost or destroyed. FamilySearch is not in possession of these pages.

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