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Known Issues

Question #1: When I search the index, I sometimes have trouble finding a name because the Italian titles were put in place of the Surname. How can I find my ancestor?
Answer #1: Although a reasonable attempt has been made to delete ALL honorifics (Examples of these Honorifics are the following: Avvocato (attorney); Barone (baron); Cavaliere (cavalier); Conte (count); Don (noble man); Donna (female equivalent of Don); Dottore (doctor); Geometra (surveyor); Ingegnere (engineer); Marchese (marquis); and Senatore (senator)) from this collection, there were several instances of different spellings of the honorific s which – as a result – caused the honorific to not be removed. Ex. “Cavalier” vs. “Cavlieri” [both variant spellings of the honorific “Cavaliere”]. Those Italian Honorifics – with variant spellings – remain in the published index.

Question #2: When searching this collection, I received a details page with no birth date. How do I find the birth dare?
Answer #2: Within this index are numerous entries for “corrections” to birth records vs. actual birth records themselves. These “corrections” (rettifiche in Italian) may contain only a subset of the information that an actual birth record may contain. The data contained in “corrections” depends largely on what was being corrected – ex. the spelling of a name/surname; the date of birth; the name of a mother/father, etc. The collection consists of indexes, with no images, to civil registration (stato civile) of births within the custody of the Torino Courthouse (Tribunale di Torino).

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