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  1. Logan River, Queensland, a river flowing into Moreton Bay
  2. Logan, Victoria, a small locality near St. Arnaud


  1. Logan, East Ayrshire

United States

  1. Logan, Indiana
  2. Logan, Iowa
  3. Logan, Kansas
  4. Logan, Greene County, Missouri
  5. Logan, Lawrence County, Missouri
  6. Logan, New Mexico
  7. Logan, Ohio
  8. Logan, Utah
  9. Logan, West Virginia
  10. North Logan, Utah
  11. West Logan, West Virginia

Logan County

United States

  1. Logan County, Arkansas
  2. Logan County, Colorado
  3. Logan County, Idaho (1889-1895)
  4. Logan County, Illinois
  5. Logan County, Kansas
  6. Logan County, Kentucky
  7. Logan County, Nebraska
  8. Logan County, North Dakota
  9. Logan County, Ohio
  10. Logan County, Oklahoma
  11. Logan County, West Virginia

Logan Township

United States

  • Arkansas
  1. Logan Township, Baxter County, Arkansas
  2. Logan Township, Benton County, Arkansas
  3. Logan Township, Independence County, Arkansas
  4. Logan Township, Logan County, Arkansas
  • Illinois
  1. Logan Township, Peoria County, Illinois
  • Indiana
  1. Logan Township, Dearborn County, Indiana
  2. Logan Township, Fountain County, Indiana
  3. Logan Township, Pike County, Indiana
  • Iowa
  1. Logan Township, Calhoun County, Iowa
  2. Logan Township, Clay County, Iowa
  3. Logan Township, Ida County, Iowa
  4. Logan Township, Lyon County, Iowa
  5. Logan Township, Marshall County, Iowa
  6. Logan Township, Sioux County, Iowa
  7. Logan Township, Winnebago County, Iowa


United States

  1. Loganville, Georgia
  2. Loganville, Pennsylvania
  3. Loganville, Wisconsin


United States

  1. Logansport, Indiana
  2. Logansport, Louisiana


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