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Known Issues

NOTE: To determine which digital records are likely to be found within a collection or to find missing images, see, Using Film Notes in the Catalog to determine the content of a final browse point in Historical Records (56000).

NOTE: Most missing records are available on microfilm. See Ordering a microfilm or microfiche (55678). To view films, see Finding a family history center near you (54018).

NOTE: From the record detail page, if the messaging to view the image states “Image is viewable at das.familysearch.org. ... Visit Partner Site”, an error message occurs when clicking on the link. Most likely the Digital Folder Number or corresponding FILM in the browse path is not available online. Use the corresponding GS Film number to order the microfilm.

Question #1: Some records are missing. Where can the records be viewed?
Answer #1: See answers below for information about known missing records and respective film numbers, if available, or alternate online location:

  • FILM 004207590, Film 2321267 Birth records, Sanilac County (cont.) - Wayne County (to be cont'd), 1890: only 524 of 1500 images are available online.
  • FILM 004207606, Film 2322872 Birth records, Wayne County (cont.), 1899; Alcona County - Genesee County (to be cont'd), 1900. File 004207606 is not available online.
  • FILM 004208753, Film 2363031 Birth records, Ottawa County (cont.) - Wayne County (to be cont'd), 1900: the images are not missing online but microfilmed out of order. Records for a persona that span across multiple pages possibly jump to the wrong image when the forward arrow is clicked. Try manually entering the next image number in the image box in the browse path to see the correct subsequent page.

Question #2: The search results page contains records with a christening place of St. John the Baptist, Lewes, Sussex, England. What is the correct information?
Answer #2: The record detail page contains the correct information. The christening information on the search results page should be disregarded.

Question #3: Some indexed records have been attributed to the wrong place. How can I determine the correct birth information?
Answer #3: The event place can be checked by viewing the Catalog section containing the film notes. Search the Catalog using the film number included in the record detail page. A list of known problems below provides correct indexing information.

  • FILM 004207259, Film 2320841 Birth records, Oceana County (cont.) - Washtenaw County, 1885: Search results or record detail pages that reference Macomb County should be Osceola County. For example, Richmond Township, Macomb, Michigan should be Richmond Township, Osceola, Michigan.

If additional problems are encountered with the collection, you can report them at support@familysearch.org.

  • If searching the collection: please include the name of the collection, and all search criteria used, including name, event, dates and places.
  • If browsing the collection: please include the full browse path you used to get to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the image viewer window.
    For example: Michigan, Births, 1867-1902 > 004206207 > Image 7 of 858
  • For technical issues: please include operating system and browser version.

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