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Classes hosted by the Oakland FamilySearch Library are offered free of charge with an occasional small fee to cover the cost of handouts.  Pre-registration is required as classes may be cancelled when enrollment is insufficient. Pre-register at: fhcoakland@gmail.comor 510-531-3905.

Class and Event Schedule

Date Title Teacher # wks Time
Jun 24 African American Research Workshop Ward monthly    6-8P
Jun 27 WETA in the Library  10A-1P
Jun 27 Mac Genealogy Group George   1:30P
Jun 27 Putting Memories in FamilyTree White  11:00A
Jun 30 Importing and Exporting Data with Roots Magic Miller  10:30A
Jul 8 East Bay Genealogical Society
monthly  10:00A
Jul 8 Mac Users Workshop George monthly  7:00P
Jul 9 Immigration and Naturalization Research Sellers  10:30A
Jul 11 Creating and Keeping Electronic Research Logs Knapps   1:00P
Jul 11 Boy Scout Genealogy Merit badge (by apt.) Matteson      1   3P-4:30P
Jul 16 Fredman's Bureau Records Unveiling  10A-12P
Jul 16 Indexing the Freedman's Bureau Records Miller  11:30A
Jul 17 Indexing the Freedman's Bureau Records Miller    2:30P
Jul 18 Mid-Single's Adult Service Project   1P-4P
Jul 18 Indexing the Freedman's Bureau Records Miller   10:00A
Jul 21 Oak Grove 1st YSA in large classroom    7-8P
Jul 21 Creating and Keeping Electronic Research Logs Knapps   7-9P
Jul 22 Indexing the Freedman's Bureau Records Miller  10:00A
Jul 25 Mac Gen Group George monthly  1:30P
Jul 28 Temple Workers Class 11:00A
Jul 30 Temple Workers Class 11:00A
Jul 31 Temple Workers Class 11:00A
Aug 1 Temple Workers Class 11:00A
Aug 8 Boy Scout Genealogy Merit badge (by apt.) Matteson      1   3P-4:30P
Sep 16 Get Me to the Church on Time - Religious Records Sellers  10:30A
Oct 21 Online Resources for Jewish Genealogy Sellers      1   6:30P
Nov 13 Copyright Issues for Genealogy  Sellers      1  10:30A
  • SFBAJGS = San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
  • AAGSNC = African American Genealogial Society of Northern California

African American Research Workshop - Instructor, Genealogist Alvis Ward Jr. - This is an ongoing free hands-on research workshop comprised of African Americans, also referred to as Black or Afro-American, or those who harmonize with Sub-Saharan Africa, with ancestry, citizenship, or residency in the United States. The workshop is an interactive exchange of research tools, methods and systems, and discussions necessary for progress at individual levels of family histories and genealogies impacted by the 16th Century removal of Africans to America as slaves. No pre-registration is required. For additional information E-Mail :nextleveldna@gmail.com Workshop will not meet during the summer but will resume in September.  Creating and Keeping

Copyright Issues for Genealogy : They Wouldn't Put It on the Web If They Didn't Want Me to Use It - Instructor, Genealogist Janice Sellers - In the same sentence one can hear a modern-day genealogist argue that no one can copyright “her family” and then that no one else has the
right to post or print information on her family because she did all the research. This presentation is an effort to help you decipher the truth of copyright and also explore the ethical issues that surround family research.

Creating and Keeping Electronic Research Logs - Instructors, Genealogist Florene Knapps and Elder White, missionary  - Keeping research organized helps prevent duplication of effort and makes it possible to return to the original source.  Learn to do this in an electronic format...don't create methodology or junk genealogy.  A researcher is judged by the strength of the documentation.

FamilySearch Memories Class - Instructor, Elder White - FamilySearch/Family Tree now permits uploading and attaching pictures, videos, and stories (Memories) about the people on your tree. Learn the easiest ways of navigating around the site and even learn to use "Google Earth" to show where the memories took place. Bring some of your memories to class and receive help from knowledgeable Oakland FamilySearch Library staff members to get started bringing your ancestors back to life.

Freedmen's Bureau Project and Indexing - Emancipation freed nearly 4 million slaves. The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to help transition them from slavery to citizenship, providing food, housing, education, and medical care. And, for the first time in U.S. history, the names of those individuals were systematically recorded and preserved for future generations. To help bring thousands of records to light, the Freedmen’s Bureau Project was created as a set of partnerships between FamilySearch International and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Afro­-American Historical and Genealogical Society (AAHGS), and the California African American Museum. Tens of thousands of volunteers are needed to make these records searchable online. No specific time commitment is required, and anyone may participate. Join us for the great unveiling of this project and learn how you can help.

Get Me to the Church on Time: Finding Religious Records - Instructor, Genealogist Janice Sellers - Religious records are often important substitutes when vital records are lost or never existed, but they also add depth to our understanding of our ancestors. Beyond the expected birth, marriage, and death records, religious records can include membership lists, missionary records, financial records, disciplinary actions, and more.

Immigration and Naturalization Research - Instructor, Genealogist Janice Sellers - When researching an immigrant ancestor, finding information here in the U.S. is the necessary first step. This class identifies resources and provides tools and strategies to help you make the leap to the “old country.”

Online Resources for Jewish Genealogy - Instructor, Genealogist Janice Sellers - Researching Jewish ancestry is in many respects just like researching any other family history, but in addition there are some specialized online sources unique to Jewish research. Come learn about the most useful of these sites and what information you can expect to find.


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