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Have you ever wanted to attend a class at the Family History Library but you don’t live in Salt Lake City and you can’t afford the cost of the trip? We have a treat for you! The Family History Library has begun offering online webinars that can be viewed from the comfort of your home. All that is required is a computer with speakers and an internet connection.


Important notice: The program that is used to broadcast the classes has changed effective 25 February 2015. The complete instructions to connect using WebEx can be found below or you may Download a PDF file with detailed instructions.

Upcoming Webinars

All webinars are Mountain Time (MT). Webinars may last from 30 minutes - 1 hour long, depending on the course. 

These classes may include a shorter PowerPoint presentation with 'hands-on' application exercises included at the end of the handout. Handouts will be available for download before the class begins.

July (Wales Research Series)

To join the webinar: Click the class link to view the webinar. After clicking the link click "Run a temporary application." Sign in using your first name and where you live, i.e. Peter-Wisconsin. Connect your audio by clicking the Audio tab above of the Chat. Click "Call Using Computer." Please do not click the camera icon. 

  • Mon July 13th @ 1pm- Welsh Naming Patterns
  • Tues July 14th @ 1pm- Wales Maps and Gazetteers
  • Wed July 15th @ 1pm- Wales Online Websites
  • Thurs July 16th @ 1pm- Wales Anglican and Non-conformist Church Records
  • Fri July 17th @ 1pm- Wales Probate Records

Class times for other regions:
U.S. Pacific Time: 12pm
U.S. Central Time: 2pm
U.S. Eastern Time: 3pm
United Kingdom & Ireland: 8pm
New Zealand: 8am

Download the handouts:

  • Welsh Naming Patterns
  • Wales Maps and Gazetteers
  • Wales  Online Websites
  • Wales Anglican and Non-conformist Church Records
  • Wales Probate Records

October (Research Series TBA)

To join a webinar live

To join a particular class, click on the name of the class on this page. This will take you to website where you can join the webinar. You will then follow these steps to join the class.

1. Enter your name and email address and click on Join.

2. You will then see this screen prompting you to install the WebEx Meetings Plug-In. The quickest option is to click on the words Run a temporary application.

3. Click onSave File. A new dialog box will open asking where to save the file.

4. Choose where to save the file or just leave it in theDownloads folder. Be sure to remember the name of the file.
5. You will next need to open the file to run the application. Go to the folder where the file is saved and double click on it to run the temporary application. You can also access the file from your browser’s downloads folder.
6. Once you’ve double clicked on the application in the Downloads list you will be admitted into the meeting.

7. You may now configure your audio. Instructions for configuring audio can be found below. If you have a video camera, you can choose to disable it by clicking on the words Not Now.

Configure Audio

Once in the meeting room you can choose how to connect your audio. Click on the three small dots which will change to the word More when you hover over them. They are found just below the icon Call Using Computer. You will then see the following options.

There are three options for connecting to the audio of the meeting.

1. The Call Me option allows you to enter a phone number and WebEx will call you directly. There is no charge to use this service but if you are using a cell phone, it will require the use of your cell phone minutes. Just enter your phone number along with country and area code to allow the system to call you. When your phone rings, you will be prompted to press 1 to enter the meeting.

2. I Will Call In allows you to call in directly to the meeting. If you choose this option, click on the I Will Call In option and the system will display the number you should call along with the access code. Follow the prompts to enter the access codes.

3. Call Using Computer uses the speakers and microphone of your computer to provide the audio of the meeting. If you choose this option, you will want to test your speakers and microphone to ensure they are functioning properly. Choose your speakers and microphone from the drop down menus. Click on the Test button alongside the drop down menu to test them.

Volume Control Options

You may adjust the volume for your computer using the Volume Control Options located in the lower right corner on your screen. Right click on the speaker icon and click on Sounds. Once open, choose Playback to choose and/or configure your speakers. You will choose Recording to configure your microphone.

Download a PDF file with detailed instructions

Connect with a mobile device

If you would like to connect to the webinar using your mobile phone or a tablet, please visit the App store for your device and download the free WebEx app. If you want to attend with your mobile device, please allow sufficient time to download the app before the start of the webinar.

When Signing In

Please include your first name and the name of the country or state from where you are watching. If you are watching as a group, please include the number of people viewing the class together in your sign-in name. For example: If your name is Barbara and you were watching from England with 4 other friends at the local Family History Center your sign-in name would look like this: Barbara England 5.

Download the Handouts from Previous Webinars

Scotland (April-May 2015)

England (January 2015)

Ireland (September 2014)


View Past Webinars

Past webinars will be posted after the series is taught.

IRELAND (September 2014)

Due to some issues and technical difficulties, links to the Ireland Webinar Research Series taught September 15-20, 2014 will be added sometime in this year. Thank you for your patience!

  • Ireland Jursidictions
  • Ireland Websites
  • Ireland Emigration
  • Ireland Census & Census Substitutes
  • Ireland Civil Registration
  • Ireland Catholic Church Records
  • Church of Ireland Chuch Records
  • Ireland Land Records
  • Ireland Presbyterian Church Records
  • Scotch-Irish Research

ENGLAND (January 2015)



Meet the British Isles Team


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