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Dempsey Cemetery


Location:          From Pennington, NM., go west on highway 56/412, towards Abbott, to the second road that goes south,

                       turn left (south). The road branches twice, Take the left fork each time. Cemetery is about 5 miles  on the

                       left (east) side.  

                       It is 17.3 km SW of Gallegos Creek, NM; 22.9 km SE of Sofia, NM; 25.8 km NE of Yates, NM;

                       26.1 km E of Gladstone, NM.

Elevation:         5,701 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.28220 N      Longitude: -103.68390 W

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La Morada Cemetery

Address:      Goat Canyon

Location:      From Pennington take County Road C018 south, the road will turn sharply east, at the next intersection

                   where the road turns south again, keep going east, where the road turns north to a dead end, a sizable hike

                   will be required.

                    It is 15.7 km S of Gallegos Creek, NM; 31.1 km SE of Sofia, NM; 33.0 km SW of Royce, NM.

Elevation:      5,478 feet

GPS:            Latitude: 36.27030 N Longitude: -103.56390 W

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Ojo Bonito Cemetery

Address:          Garcia Creek

Location:         From Pennington, NM, take County Road  C018 south, where it intersect with US 56/412.  Continue on

                      CO18 (eastward) where it intersects with County Road C020. At the intersection where C018 intersects

                      with CO35 on the left. Par. Hike anout 1 mile to the east on east side of  the ridge.

                      It is 20.6 km S of Gallegos Creek, NM; 29.9 km NxNE of Bueyeros, NM; 32.7 km ExNE of Yates, NM.

Elevation:        5,405 feet

GPS:              Latitude: 36.22640 N Longitude: -103.55720 W

Map:               Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:      1

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Sanchez Cemetery

Address:          Goat Canyon

Location:          From Pennington go east on US 56/412 to the first road that goes to the right (south) after passing the

                       right intersection of County Road C036. If you get to County Road C033, you have passed it.  This road

                       will fork to the left(east), go to the right, straight south. Cemetery is on the left (east) side of the road

                       about .3 mile before the last fork / end of the road.

                       It is 13.1 km S of Gallegos Creek, NM; 30.2 km SE of Sofia, NM; 30.3 km SW of Royce, NM.

Elevation:         5,422 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.29470 N      Longitude: -103.55310 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,



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