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In July 2008 the wiki team met to discuss types of information that might be useful on portal pages such as the Pennsylvania Portal (Pennsylvania portal marked for deletion - unportal page created Laralee 03:42, 19 April 2010 (UTC)). The following is the list we produced. I'm working on adding these types of information to the Pennsylvania portal, but obviously I could use a lot of help, because the list is long! If you'd like to help add any of this information, please swing away, or if you'd like to talk through some ideas, please e-mail me (Michael Ritchey). I'd love your help, and will feature your writings in the Featured Article space or the Did You Know space of the portal as you add improvements.

The list:

  1. Links to pages about major ethnic groups of the area
  2. Events
  3. Links to non-English versions of the page
  4. Research Tools
  5. Date the jurisdiction was created, as well as the name(s) of its parent jurisdiction(s). For example, the creation date and parent counties of a county. (This information is usually available from Family History Library Catalog.)
  6. Minimalist/simple/mandatory information rather than general information. (Exclude information that doesn't directly relate to genealogical research.)
  7. Links to other helpful/relevant pages in Wiki
  8. Strategy documents that help users select the right type of record to fulfill a research objective
  9. Links to major finding aids, such as gazetteers
  10. Links to major reference tools, such as translation helps or handwriting guides
  11. Link to the forum which covers the area
  12. Links to information on how to write narratives
  13. Links to local histories
  14. Timelines
  15. Use of Timelines (destruction, natural disasters, etc..)
  16. Genealogical/Historical events in media
  17. Images
  18. Events affecting jurisdictions and records
  19. Events affecting numerous deaths or migrations
  20. Laws affecting marriages, migrations, adoption, voting, record format, or record access
  21. Inventions affecting travel, migrations, etc., including delay between invention creation and implementation (such as the Utah railroad)
  22. Epidemics
  23. Wars and drafts
  24. Natural disasters
  25. Migration routes per time period
  26. How to make one category a subcategory of another

Please help! Ritcheymt 01:59, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

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