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Consultation Services at the Family History Library

The Family History Library’s Consultation service is to provide:

  • Pedigree analysis, research strategies and next steps
  • Help identifying the parents, spouse, maiden name, children, or siblings of an ancestor
  • Help understanding documents and what they mean
  • Assistance with immigration and migration
  • Help translating important facts in foreign language documents and/or reading old handwriting

All consultations begin at a Research Counter in the Family History Library. If it is determined that a more in-depth consultation is needed, a patron will have the opportunity to schedule a longer one-on-one session with a research consultant.

1. An assessment will occur at a Research Counter to see if:

  • A. The problem can be handled immediately, or
  • B. The problem will need an uninterrupted consultation, or
  • C. A different Research Consultant is needed.

2. If it is determined that the research problem genuinely needs an uninterrupted session, or a different Research Consultant, the appointment is made by the assisting Research Consultant at the Research Counter.
Please Note:

  • A. This is an on-site premier service for individuals visiting the Family History Library, and reservations will only be made at the Research Counter after a Research Consultant has determined it is needed. The goal of the session is to create a Research Strategy and Plan the patron can follow with support of the Research Counter.
  • B. Check the schedule to see if the consultant they should meet with will be on the counter in the near future, and they could talk with them then.
  • C. We do not take phone reservations. All patrons should visit a Research Counter for an assessment when they arrive at the Library.
  • D. The length of the in-depth session will vary from 5 to 45 minutes. No length-of-time expectation should be given to the patron.

3. The patron should bring the following to their Consultation appointment: copies of applicable pedigree chart, family group sheet, research log, timeline, or other documents.
4. We ask the patron to participate in a short customer satisfaction follow-up survey and to provide their name and e-mail address (or phone number if no e-mail) for this purpose. Their contact information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.
5. Please limit patrons to a maximum of one (full 45 minutes) consultation appointment per day. Managers will monitor if Research Consultant is spending too much time in doing in-depth consultations.

Services NOT included in Consultation

  • Doing the actual research for the Patron—we help create a Research Strategy and Plan for new avenues for research—the patron is responsible for performing the research.
  • Data entry (P.A.F. or any other program)
  • Word for word translation or transcription—we help them gather genealogical information from their documents.
  • Providing support for the patron’s personal publication ventures, or extraction projects.


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