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Guide to Bromma Parish, Sweden ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

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Has occasionaly been incorrectly stated as an annex parish, when different parishes were responsible for record keeping without an official annex relationship.
1622 - 1647 and 1649 - 1663 Klara
1669 - 1683 Klara
1785 Storkyrkoförsamlingen
1786 - 1793 Katarina
1801 - 1817 Tyska Sankta Gertrud
1818 - 1846 Kungsholm
1909 broke from Sundbyberg
1943-09-01 divided into two parishes: Bromma, and Lilla och Stora Essingens
1909 Known as Bromma
May 1, 1916 its own parish
May 1, 1955 Essinge and Västerled, at which time the church registration district was disolved.

Stockholm: Bromma
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Pastorat -1663 Bromma, 1663-1669 Riddarholms and Bromma, 1669-1683 Bromma, 1683-1784 Riddarholms and Bromma, 1784- Bromma, 1909-1916 Bromma and Sundbyberg
Län 1634-1639 Uppsala, 1640-1647 Stockholm, 1648-1651 Uppsala, 1652-1653 Stockholm, 1654-1714 Uppsala, 1715-1915 Stockholm, 1916-1967 Stockholms stad (Under överståthållaren), 1968- Stockholm
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Place Names

Ahlviken, Bällsta Gård, Bällsta Dragonstuga, Beckomberga Norrgård, Beckomberga Mellangård, Beckomberga Södergård, Eneby, Essingen Stora, Essingen Lilla, Fredrikstorp, Färjestaden, Fattighuset, Johannisfred, Johannelund, Kortenstorp, Kratsboda, Klockaregården, Lillsjönäs, Lugnet, Löfåsen, Margaretelund, Mariehäll, Nockelby, Nora, Nora Torp, Norrby, Pihlstugan, Prestgården, Riksby, Sandvik, Smedslätten, Sophielund, Sundbyberg, Sundbyhof, Traneberg, Tyska botten, Ulfsunda Gård, Ulfsunda Smedja, Ulfsunda Trädgård, Ulfsunda Quarn, Ulfsunda Ägor, Ulfsunda Dragontorp, Widängen, Åhlsten, Åkeshof, Åkeshof Ladugård, Ängby Stora, Ängby Lilla, Äppelviken. Nattwards Ungdomen, Youth taking communion, reigster #1, #2, Nattvardsbarn 1845, Communion children 1845.

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Riksarkivet. "Bromma" Nationell ArkivDatabas (NAD). January 2011

Sveriges Församlingar genom Tiderna, Skatteförvaltningen Riksskatteverket, Graphic Systems AB. Göteborg 1989.

Bromma parish, Husförhörslängd, 1844-1845, Ort register.


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