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Nabor & Basilides 12 June
Nabor & Felix 12 July
Nahum prop. 1 December
Narcissus 29 October
Nathan 24 October
Nathanael 5 September
Natio Christi 25 December
Nativitas B. V. Maria 8 September
Nativitas Christi 25 December
Nativitas Domini 25 December
Nativitas Johannes Baptist 24 June
Navigius 27 February
Nazarius & Basilides 12 June
Nazarius & Celsus 28 July
Nemesius 19 December
Neon 28 September
Nereus & Achilleus 12 May
Nestor 26 February
Neu Jahr 1 January
Nicaetas 3-April
Nicander 26-November
Nicanor 10-January
Niasius 14 December
Nicephorus 13 March
Niceta 3 April
Nicetas ep. 7 January
Nicetas ep Apollonia 20 March
Nicetas mart. 15 September
Nicetius 2 April
Nicodemi 3 August
Nicodemus 1 June
Nicolai ep. 9 May
Nicolaus ep mart. 6 December
Nicomedes 15 September
Nicomedes dis. Eccl. 1 June
Nicostratus 7 July
Niess Sonntag see Oculi in the moveable feast day calendar
Nikatius 15 December
Nikodemus 1 June
Nikodemus 3 August
Nikolaus 6 December
Nilus abb. 12 November
Nilus ep. 19 September
Nionde söndagen efter trefaldighet See 9 p Trinitatis in the moveable feast day calendar
Nionde söndagen före påsk see Septuagesima in the moveable feast day calendar
Nittonde söndagen efter trefaldighet see 19 p. Trinitatis in the moveable feast day calendar
Noah 29 December
Nobertus 6 June
Noel 25 December
Nominis Jesu 1 January
Nonnosius 2 September
Nonnua (Nonnus) 2 December
Nonus Ninth (9th)
Norbertus 6 June
Novem Nine (9)
Novi Anni 1 January
Nyngel 13 February
Nyårsafton 31 December
Nyårsdagen 1 January


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