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Octavianus 22 March
Octavus Eighth (8th)
Octo Eight (8)
Oculi A moveable feast day.  See Oculi in the moveable feast day calendar
Odalricus 4 July
Oderus 9 November
Odeviginti Eighteen (16)
Odilo 1 January
Olat 16 December
Olivarum dies see Palmarumin the moveable feast day calendar
Oliverus 20 August
Olof 29 July
Olofsmässa 29 July
Olsdag 29 July
Olsmässa 29 July
Olympia 15 April
Olympiades & Maxim. 17 December
Olympiades vic. 17 December
Omnium Fidelium commemoratio 2 November
Omnium Sanctorum 1 November
Onesimus 16 February
Onesiphorus 21 March
Onuphrius 10 June
Optatus 4 June
Orestes 13 December
Osapientia 16 December
Ositha 7 October
Oskyldiga barns dag 28 December
Osmundus 4 December
Oster Sonntag See Pascha (Easter) in the moveable feast day calendar
Osvaldus rex 5 August
Othenius 16 November
Othilla 13 December
Othmarus 16 November
Otho in Sweden 9 April


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