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Swedish English
halv- half-, step-
halvsyskon half siblings
hammarsmed forging smith
han he
handelsman merchant
handskmakare glove maker
hans his
hantverkare artisan
hastig acute
hattmakare hatmaker
hava to have
havande pregnant
hederlig honorable, honest
hektisk feber infectious disease accompanying a fever
helig holy
hem home
hemma at home
hemman farm, homestead
hemmansbrukare farmer
hemmansägare farmer, homeowner
hemort residence
hemvist domicile
henne her
heraldik heraldry
herr Mr.
Herren Lord
herrgård manorial estate
hetsig feber inflammatory fever
hinderlös free, unhindered (to travel, marry)
hinderlöshetsbetyg certificate of being unhindered
historia history
hittebarn foundling
hjon person belonging to a group, for example tjänstehjon, inhysseshjon, fattighjon
hjonelag connubial union (union in the state of marriage)
hjulmakare wheelwright
hjärnblödning stroke, cerebral hemorrhage
hjärtslag cardiac arrest
hjärtsprång heart disease
hon she
honom him
hos at, in, with
hosta cough
hovrätt circuit court of appeal
hur how
hus house
husar light cavalryman
husbonde master of a family or of a house
husfader head of household, father
husfolk farmers, farm people
husförhör, husförhörslängd clerical survey, household examination
husman farm laborer (owned house but not land)
husmoder female head of household, mother
hustru wife
hyresgäst lodger
håll och styng pneumonia
här here
härad civil district within a county
häradsrätt district court
härstädes here, at given location
hög high
höger right
höst autumn


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