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Register in alphabetical order, of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y. : from its first settlement by Europeans to 1700 : with contributions to their biographies and genealogies, compiled from various sources

Author: Teunis G. Bergen Publisher: S.W. Green's Son Publication Date: 1881 City: New York Pages: 454 page images, voir p. 75

Brodhead. History of N. Y., vol. i, pp. 588, 693; General Entries, vol. 4, pp. 113, 124;

Collections of N. Y. Hist. Society, 1892, pp. 220, 231;

Court of Assizes,vol. 2, pp. 614, 656;

Bergen. History of New Utrecht (Brooklyn, 1884), pp. 3-4;

Doc. Hist, of N. Y.(octavo edition), vol. i, p. 633.”

Henry Stiles

A history of the city of Brooklyn. Author: Stiles, Henry Reed, 1832-1909. Publication Info: Brooklyn, N.Y.,: Pub. by subscription, 1867-70

History of the City of New York by William Irving Paulding, David Thomas Valentine

History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I, Schuyler Van Rensselear, New York, 1909

^ History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century, Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer, Vol. I, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1909

^ Register in Alphabetical Order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, Teunis G. Bergen, S.W. Green's Son, New York, 1881

^ Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year 1896, George Folsom, Printed for the Society, New York, 1896

^ Year Book of the Holland Society of New York, Prepared by the Recording Secretary, 1915

^ Calendar of Council Minutes 1668-1783, Berthold Fernow, University of the State of New York, 1902

Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830

Volume V of the Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, New York

Containing . . . Registers of Consistories, Members, Marriages, and Baptisms

New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch Kingston Papers

Two Volumes

Bergen Records: Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen in New Jersey, 1666 to 1788

3 vols. in 1

Genealogical Records

Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Taken from Family Bibles, 1581-1917

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York

Marriages from 11 December, 1639, to 26 August, 1801

The Register of New Netherland, 1626-1674

Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, 1660-1809

New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch Volumes XVIII-XIX. Delaware Papers (Dutch Period, 1646-1664)

New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch Volumes XX-XXI. Delaware Papers (English Period, 1664-1682)

New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch. Volume V, Council Minutes

Dutch Colonists in the Americas, 1615-1815

The Holland and the England of the Pilgrims

The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York 1675-1866

On-Line Texts

Documents Documents of the New Netherland Project, New York State Library, NYC New York City Documents, Columbia University, NYC


De Nieu Nederlanse Marcurius [Newsletter of the Friends of New Netherland; pdf files in English]


Images From The New York Album, published 1883 by Wittemann Bros. Photo Albums of the Five Boroughs. Centennial Presentation Images from New York at the Turn of the Century Early Films of New York 1898-1906, Library of Congress The Construction of the Empire State Building, 1930-1931, New York Public Library New York Public Library On-Line Photographs, New York Public Library New York City Highlights

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