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As I was cruising the wiki last night, I decided to check out the "Learn How to Be a Contributor" page and noticed that some the text is overlapping/garbled. I don't know if this issue has already been noted. I did at least search for "Known Issues" and checked the list on that page. The issue I was seeing was here:  under "Creating New Articles" and "Copy and Paste."  Thomas Lerman does not have the same issue, so my browser/OS combination may have something to do with it...  This benign issue lead me to consider how I might resolve/report the problem.  Does information like that belong under "Feedback" or "Technical Support" or "Contact Us" or "Forums"? I am still not clear what "help" is available where, and how to be helpful (like reporting something that isn't working properly).  

This post is NOT about getting overlapping letters to look right on my screen!  I give this as an example of where I get derailed, and why.  I am hoping to better undertstand the four kinds of "help" (Feedback, Support, Contact Us, and Forums), and maybe begin some kind of discussion that would help clarify things for me and other well-meaning but easily confused sorts...  Wikipedia uses "Help Desk" versus "Reference Desk" and that is crystal clear to me!

Anyone else have thoughts on this subject?

Eirebrain 14:31, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

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