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  • E Plantation (Aroostook Co.) organized a plantation from TE R2 WELS in 1898; organization surrendered and became a township in 1990.[1]
  • Eagle Island Military Plantation (Hancock Co.) became a "military plantation" during the American Civil War is now unorganized territory.[2]
  • Eagle Lake Plantation (Aroostook Co.)
  • East Andover Plantation (Oxford Co.)
  • East Butterfield Plantation (Oxford Co.)
  • East Pond Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • Eaton Plantation (Aroostook Co.)
  • Easton Grant Plantation (Aroostook Co.)
  • Eddington Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Elliottsville Plantation (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Eustis Plantation (Franklin Co.), also known as Hanover Plantation, was first organized as Number 1 R4 WBKP Plantation in 1841; became part of Jackson Plantation in 1845; then seceded as from Jackson as Eustis Plantation in 1857; became town of Eustis, Maine in 1871.[3] [4]

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