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  • Talmadge Plantation (Washington Co.) organized from T3 R2 TS in 1846; incorporated as the Town of Talmadge, Maine in 1875.[1]
  • The Forks Plantation (Somerset Co.), aka Number 1 R4 BKP EKR Plantation, aka Pleasant Pond Plantation, organized 1859 continues today.[2]
  • Thompson Pond Plantation (Androscoggin, Cumberland, and Oxford counties) existed by 1816 when the southeast part was annexed by New Gloucester; the remainder was divided between Poland and Otisfield in 1830.[3] [4] [5]
  • Thomsontown Plantation (Oxford Co.), also known as Number 1 Plantation prior to incorporation as the Town of Peru, Maine in 1821.[6]
  • Topsfield Plantation (Washington Co.)
  • Topsham Plantation (Sagadahoc Co.)
  • Township 7 R5 WELS (Aroostook Co.) was part of Rockabema Plantation from 1846 to 1860.[7] [8]
  • Twenty-five Mile Pond Plantation (Waldo Co.)
  • Tyngtown Plantation (Franklin Co.)

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