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This template has been created so that items like tables of images that are too wide to fit within the content area without bleeding into or under the navigation side bar can be displayed inside a table that allows the user to scroll. The template achieves this by creating a div element that defines that the following section is limited to a window, but that the full contents can be viewed by scrolling the contents.

This template must be used in conjuction with {{closing div}} so that the div element is correctly closed.


There are two optional parameters. The default, if neither parameter is used to display a width that fits the available space and the full height of the item within the scrolling table. Using the following parameters editors can control both the width and height of the displayed scrolling table.

(optional) limit the width of the scrolling table by defining the width required in pixels, ie. 400px
(optional) limit the height of the scrolling table by defining the height required in pixels, ie. 400px. This will also result in a vertical scrolling bar being displayed.
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