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Determines whether something is valid in a certain context. Currently only implemented for determining if a number is within the precision that expressions can handle.


true if the argument is valid, false if it is not.


{{valid|number=A}} = false (not a number)
{{valid|number=1234}} = true
{{valid|number=+1234}} = true
{{valid|number=-1234}} = true
{{valid|number=(1234)}} = true (one pair of parenthesis is allowed)
{{valid|number=--1234}} = false (incorrect sign use)
{{valid|number=1234567890}} = true
{{valid|number=12345678901234567890}} = false (too large)
{{valid|number=1.234567890}} = true
{{valid|number=1.2345678901234567890}} = false (too many decimals)
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