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Current Projects page Gotoarrow.png Creating Wiki Pages for New FHCs


The purpose of this project is to update the Archives and Libraries topic pages for every state in the United States

Project Contact

Jane Colmenares

Task List

Task List

Project Instructions

1. Go to the Task List and pick a state to work on and put your name on the chart.

2. Use the state main page link on the spreadsheet task list to navigate to the correct page to review. The page will be on the topic list on the left side of the state page and labeled, Archives and Libraries.

3. Fix/add headings: Standardize the headings on the page by:

a. Change any headings that are Heading 2 to Heading 3. You can check the heading by editing the page and highlighting the heading. Above in the format box on the edit bar, it will tell you which heading is being used. Change it to the correct heading number.
4. Each archive or library should


2. Check and fix all links on the page 3. Correct address or contact info 4. If there is no info or very little info listed, go to the website to see if any additional information could be added to the wiki including major collections or other info that is pertinent to the patron 5. Change exposed URLs to hidden links linking the word “Website” 6. Make e-mail clickable 7. To make the page easier to read, you can indent information or put in bullet list – whatever you feel is best or what is already on the page. We want to make it easier to read. User colon in wikitext.

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