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The original content for this article was contributed by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies in November 2013. It is an excerpt from their course US Court Records  by C. Ann Staley, CG. The Institute offers over 200 comprehensive genealogy courses for a fee ($).

Additional Online Resources - Courthouse Research Provides various document samples and finding aids

Cornell University Law School - Legal Information Institute Resources include U.S. Code, Federal Rules, State law resources, State statutes by topic, Wex legal encyclopedia, and much more.

Federal Judicial Center - “Creating the Federal Justice System” and; Russell R. Wheeler and Cynthia Harrison, 2nd edition (Federal Judicial Center, 2005).

FindLaw Learn about the Law, Find law answers, Find state laws, online links to official State Codes, and more.

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Lectures on Audio

Repeat Performance 2911 Crabapple Lane, Hobart, IN 46342

Benedict, Sheila. A Case for Courthouse Research Everywhere recorded at the 2002 NGS Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [NGS02-W33]

Leary, Helen F.M. English Common Law: An American Genealogical Source recorded at the 1993 NGS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. [BM-48]

Leary, Helen F.M. Researching in the Law Library recorded at the 1992 FGS Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. [AZ-104] Leary, Helen F.M. SSSHH! Genealogical Research in the Law Library recorded at the 1994 NGS Conference in Houston, Texas. [HT-27]

Leary, Helen F.M. The Law: Its Uses Illustrated recorded at the 1997 FGS Conference in Dallas, Texas. [FGD-F-72]

Leary, Helen F.M. The Southern States: “The Law” as an Alternative Source for Genealogists recorded at the 1991 NGS conference in Portland, Oregon.

Moody, Sharon Tate. No Ring? No License? Are They Married? Applying the Common Law to Marriage recorded at the 2004 NGS Conference in Sacramento, California. [NGS04F317]

Schoeffler, William H. Ancestors-At-Law: How to Find Your Forebears in Law Libraries recorded at the 1992 NGS Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. [JF-133]

Schoeffler, William H. And the Widow Gets Her Thirds: Dower Rights and Other Clues to Women in Property Records recorded at the 1993 NGS Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. [BM-151A]

Sherrill, Charles A. Analysis of a Court Case File recorded at the 1999 FGS Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. [FGSSLT60]

Sherrill, Charles A. Locked Up! Ancestors in Jails and Asylums recorded at the 2001 NGS Conference in Portland, Oregon. [NGS01-S192]

Sherrill, Charles A. The Yankees Took All We Had: The Southern Claims Commission Records recorded at the 1998 NGS Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. [FOHS177]


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