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United States RTENOTITLE Massachusetts RTENOTITLE Plymouth County RTENOTITLE Abington

This article is about a town in Plymouth County. For other uses, see Abington.


Brief History

The first land grant in this area was to Nathaniel Souther, Secretary of the Plymouth Colony, in 1654. The first settler was Andrew Ford in 1668. This area was part of Bridgewater at that time and set off as its own town in 1712. Abington was in Plymouth Colony. The town was placed in Plymouth County when counties were formed in 1685. For a brief time, the town was part of the Dominion of New England from 1686 to 1689. The town is still in Plymouth County, though was in limbo, until the "Colony" was merged with Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691 that became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Names Associated

Abington at one time was called Manamooskeagin.

Village or section names include Center Abington, Musterfield, North Abington, Thicket, and West Abington.

Historical Data

Dates Events
10 June 1712 Abington established from part of Bridgewater and adjoining land [Acts and Resolves - Mass. Bay, 21: 605].
14 June 1727 Part included in the new town of Hanover.
31 Mar. 1847 Border between Abington and Weymouth established.
21 Mar. 1861 Border between Abington and Randolph established.

Border between Abington and Hingham established.
9 Mar. 1874 Eastern part established as the new town of Rockland.
4 Mar. 1875 Southern part established as part of the new town of South Abington [now Whitman].

Vital Records

The town's vital records are available in many locations:

  1. Abington Town Clerk's Office, 500 Gliniewicz Way, Abington MA 02351, 781-982-2112, website.
  2. Vital Records of Abington, Massachusetts, to the year 1850 (Boston, 1912), 2 v. Note: This includes, in part, church records from the First Church (C.R.1), Second Church of Christ (C.R.2), Third Church of Christ (C.R.3), Fourth Congregational Church (C.R.4), and First Baptist Church of Christ (C.R.5). Deaths are included from Mt. Vernon Cem. (G.R.1), Maplewood Cem. (G.R.2), Abiah Reed Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.3), Samuel Reed Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.4), Old Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.5), Lane Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.6), Wilkes Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.7), Beal Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.8), Mount Pleasant Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R.9), High Street Cem. [now in Whitman] (G.R.10), Small Pox Cem. [now in Whitman] (G.R.11), Mount Zion Cem. [now in Whitman] (G.R.12), Colebrook Cem. [now in Whitman] (G.R. 13), Old Cem. [on Washington St.] (G.R. 14), Beech Hill Cem. [now in Rockland] (G.R. 15), Old Cem. [between Abington and North Abington] (G.R. 16), West Abington Cem. (G.R. 17), Cobb Family Burying Ground [West Abington] (G.R. 18), and The Plain Cem. [West Abington] (G.R. 19). These volumes were microfilmed by the Family History Library (FHL #873756 items 1-2); abstracted online; and in electronic form (pdf files) at Internet Archive and Google books (vol. 1 and vol. 2).
  3. Microfilm of the originals created by the Family History Library, 1712-1860, FHL #904376-904377, 770907; 1850-1905, FHL #2111177-2111178.
  4. Microfiche of the originals created by the Holbrook Research Institute covering town records that included vital records and a few other town records, 1712-1892, on 79 fiche.
  5. Official state copy of vital records starting in 1841. See the guide to the state for more information here.

500 Gliniewicz Way
Abington, MA 02351



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