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*[ Freedmen Towns]
*[ Freedmen Towns]
=== History of African American Oklahomans<br>[] ===
History of African American Oklahomans<br>[]  
[ African Americans]  
[ African Americans]
=== Homestead Records<br>[]  ===
=== Homestead Records<br>[]  ===

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Archives and Libraries

The Black Archives of Mid-America, located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a center for learning and research into the African American experience in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and the Midwest at large.

City Directories

Muskogee Oklahoma Negro Directory : includes the town of Taft (FHL Catalog Film Number: 1994331 Item 6


History of African American Oklahomans

African Americans

Homestead Records



Buffalo Soldiers


Oral History

Oklahoma Slave Narratives

Prison Records

Aylesworth State Prison Farm, 1916-1925, Marshall County, Oklahoma
Schools "The Aylesworth State Prison Farm was an all black prison located in Marshall County and was in existence between 1916 and 1925." -- P. 1. (FHL Catalog Film Number: 1838318 Item 14)


Sharecropping and Tenant Farming

Tenant Farming and Sharecropping

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