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==== Land and Property  ====
==== Land and Property  ====
==== Maps  ====
==== Maps ====
==== Migration ====
Early migration routes to and from {{PAGENAME}} for emigrant settlers included:<ref>National Park Service, "California Trail" (map) in ''California National Historic Trail'' at  (accessed 5 August 2011).</ref><ref>Wikipedia contributors, "California Trail" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 5 August 2012).</ref>
*'''''[[California Trail]]''''' 1844 to 1869 from western Missouri to northern California
:*'''''Carson (River) Trail''''' 1848 (aka '''''Mormon Emigrant Trail''''') crossed the [ Forty Mile Desert] past the west side of the [ Carson Sink] to pick up the [ Carson River] near [,_Nevada Fallon, Nevada] up to Hope Valley and Red Lake. The Devil's Ladder then climbed 700 feet (210 m) in half a mile so ropes, chains, and pulleys were required to lift the wagons. [ Carson Pass] was followed by the relatively easy West Pass ([,_California Kirkwood, California]) and then on to [,_California Pollock Pines], [,_California Placerville], and [ Sutter's Fort, California]
::*'''''Big Tree Road (Ebbetts Pass)''''' 1851 from western [[Nevada|Nevada]] to [,_California Markleeville], [,_California Murphys], and [,_California Stockton], California
::*'''''Sonora Road''''' 1852 from the Carson Trail to [,_California Sonora, California]
::*'''''Luther Pass Trail''''' 1854 connected the Carson Trail and Johnson's Cutoff and allowed travelers to avoid [ Lake Tahoe]. It became one of the routes to the [ Comstock Lode] in [[Nevada|Nevada]]
==== Military History and Records  ====
==== Military History and Records  ====

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1864--Alpine County was created 16 March 1864 from Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Mono and Tuolumne Counties. County seat: Markleeville [1]

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Early migration routes to and from Alpine County, California Genealogy for emigrant settlers included:[2][3]

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