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Antigua and Barbuda  Gotoarrow.png  Genealogy

Pedigrees and genealogical information for many prominent Antigua families were published in:

  • Oliver, Vere Langford. The History of the Island of Antigua: One of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the First Settlement in 1635 to the Present Time. 3 vols. London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1894-1899. FHL Collection; digital versions at Internet Archive:
    • Volume One includes genealogies of Abbot, Abbott, Alexander, Alexander (see Dasent), Allen, Anderson, Archibald, Ash, Athill, Athy, Auchinleck, Ayres, Baijer, Bannister, Barnes, Barter, Barton, Bendall, Bethell, Blackman, Bladen, Blake, Blizard, Bodkin, Bolan, Bonnin, Boone, Boraston, Bott, Bradshaw, Brown, Buckley, Burke, Burt, Burton, Butler, Byam, Cade, Carden, Carlile, Carpenter, Carter, Cary, Chester, Christian, Clarke, Clogstown, Cochran, Codrington, Collins, Colquhoun, Cosby (see Eliot), Coull, Crabb, Crawford, Crump, Cusack, Daniel, Dasent, Davis, Delap, Denbow, Dewar, De Witt, Doig, Donovan, Douglas, Dow, Drax (see Codrington), Duer, Dunbar, Duncombe, Dunn, Dunning, Edwards, Ellyatt, Eliot, Elmes, Entwisle, Erwin (see Dasent), Evanson, Farley, Fergusson, Ferris, Field, Fleming, Foote, Franklin, Fraser, Freeman, French, and Frye families.
    • Volume Two includes genealogies of Anderdon (see Manning), Blackwell (see Jarvis), Gale, Gallwey, Gamble, Garrett, Gaynor, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Gillyat, Glanvile, Gloster, Glover, Goble, Gordon, Grant, Gravenor, Gray, Grear, Greenway, Gunthorpe, Haddon, Halliday, Halloran, Hamilton, Hanson, Harman, Hart, Harvey, Hawes, Herbert, Hill, Hillhouse, Hodge, Hodges, Horne, Horsford, Hughes, Humphreys, Hurst, Huyghue, Hyndman, Iles, Jarvis, Jeaffreson, Johnson, Jones, Keeling, Kelsick, Ker, Kerby, Keynell, King, Kirwan, Knight, Knightley, Laferty, Laforey, Langelier, Langford, Laroche, Lavicount, Lavington, Ledeatt, Ledwell, Lee, Leonard, Le Roux, Lessly, Libaert, Lightfoot, Lindsey, Lingham, Lisle, Livingston, Looby, Lovell, Lucas, Lucie, Lynch, Lyons, McCarthy, Mackinen, McNish, Manning, Manwaring, Marchant, Martin, Mathew, Mathews, Maxwell, Mayer, Middleton, Millar, Monke, Monteigue, Montero, Morgan, Morris, Morson, Muir, Murray, Musgrave, Nanton, Newfiele, Nibbs, Nicholas, Nihell, Nisbitt, Nugent, Oesterman, Oliver, Osborn, and Ottley families. 
    • Volume Three includes genealogies of Pare, Parke, Parker, Parry, Patterson, Payne, Paynter, Pearne, Perry, Pigott, Pollington, Powell, Poyntz, Prynn, Pyle, Redhead, Redwood, Richardson, Roach, Rodney, Ronan, Rose, Rossington, Royall, Russell, Salmond, Sampson, Saunders, Sawcolt, Scholes, Scotland, Sedgwick, Shand, Shephard, Sheriff, Shervington, Shirley, Skerrett, Smith, Sones, Stapleton, Swete, Symes, Tankard, Tempest, Tharter, Thibou, Thomas, Tobin, Tomlinson, Trant, Traveis, Tremills, Tudway, Tullideph, Turner, Turney, Tyley, Vaughan, Vernon, Walrond, Warner, Watkins, Watson, Weatherill, Webb, Weir, Weston, Wethered, White, Whitehead, Wickham, Williams, Willock, Willoughby, Winthrop, Wise, Woodley, Wyke, Yeamans, Yorke, and Young families.



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