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The Aosta Valley (Italian: Valle d'Aosta, French: Vallée-d'Aoste or Val-d'Aoste) is a mountainous region in north-western Italy. It is the smallest and least densely populated region in Italy. It is also the only region in Italy without provinces. Valle d'Aosta contains 74 comuni (communes) and its residents speak Italian and French and a small minority speak a dialect of German origin. The region was granted autonomous status in 1948.

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Although civil registration has not yet been filmed in Valle d'Aosta, the military records (held in the Archivio di Stato in Torino) have been filmed. These records include conscription records for nearly every male born in all 74 comuni (communes) in the region between 1792 and 1904. As mentioned in the Italy Page, these draft records include information for each draftee regarding name, parents’ names, place of residence, birth date and place, vocation, literacy, and physical description. They also show the draft board’s decision regarding the draftee’s fitness for service. If the draftee had emigrated, the date and destination are noted. The dates shown in the catalog record refer to the year of birth of the draftee.


The Valle d'Aosta region of Italy contains no provinces since the province of Aosta was discontinued in 1945. All administrative duties are performed by the region, which was granted autonomous status in 1948.

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