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*[ BYU Research Guide for Germany]  
*[ BYU Research Guide for Germany]  
*[[Austria Websites|Websites]]
*[[Austria Websites|Websites]]
*[|Database Information System Austrian National Library] - Special link collection for genealogy (55 links, Page in German)
*Listing of all [ records collections for Austria] available on  
*Listing of all [ records collections for Austria] available on
== Did you Know?  ==
== Did you Know?  ==

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Getting started with Austrian research

Austria is landlocked and in a strategic location at the crossroads of central Europe with many easily traversable Alpine passes and valleys. The major river is the Danube. As a result of wars and political realignments, the internal and external boundaries of Austria have changed several times.

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A Web site that discusses the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (with maps, lists, etc.) ... Read More

Research Strategies


Austrian Provinces.jpg

The boundaries of Austria have changed over time. Your ancestor may have said he was from Austria, but actually he may have come from any of the countries that once belonged to the Hapsburg Monarchy or Austro-Hungarian Empire. Read More

Austrian Empire and Austro-Hungarian
Monarchy (till 1918)

(English name)


(German name)

Austria of today Österreich
Austrian Littoal Küstenland
Bohemia Böhmen
Bukovina Bukowina
Carniola Krain
Dalmatia Dalmatien
Galicia Galizien
Hungary Ungarn
Illyria Illyrien
Istria Istrien
Lombardy Lombardei
Moravia Mähren
Silesia Schlesien
Sudetenland Sudetenland
Sundgau Sundgau
Veneto Veneto

Provinces of modern Austria

(English name)

(German name)

Burgenland Burgenland
Carinthia Kärnten
Lower Austria Niederösterreich
Upper Austria Oberösterreich
Salzburg Salzburg
Styria Steiermark
Tyrol Tirol
Vorarlberg Vorarlberg
Vienna Wien

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Did you Know?

Wappen Kaisertum 29.png
The Habsburg Empire was once so large that Charles V was able to boast: "In my Empire the sun never sets."

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