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Church Records

Bjarkøy clerical district contains parish registers from the parishes Bjarkøy (Sand) and Sandsøy. They were annexed to Trondenes clerical district from 1813 until 1875. Records begin in 1758.

Parish heading list shows the Norwegain headings on the parish records with an English translations for each of the different forms used throughout the records beginning in 1814. Prior to that time the records were kept in a journal format which varies with each parish.

Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Census Records

  • 1664-1666, 1801, 1865 see Trondenes clerical district.
  • Ekstraskattemanntallet 1763 Senja fogderi. The 1763 tax census for Senja fogderi includes the parishes of Senja, Astafjord, Trondenes, Kvæfjord, Bjarkøy, Lenvik, Hillesøy, Torsken, Tranøy, Berg and Mefjord and is available on microfilm at the Family History Library.
  • Folketælling for kongeriget Norge, 1 Jan 1891. The 1891 census for Bjarkøy (Sand) clerical district includes the parishes of Bjarkøy and Sandsøy and is available on microfiche at the Family History Library.
  • Folketælling for Norge, 3 Dec 1900. The 1900 census for Bjarkøy clerical district includes the parishes of Bjarkøy and Sandsøy and is available on microfilm at the Family History Library. There is also an alphabetical index by given name, surname, birthplace and by farm name available on microfiche at the Family History Library.. This census is also available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives) as well as at the Norwegian Historical Data Centre..

Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

1706-1877 Senja judicial district.

1776-1809 Troms County judicial district.

1697-1824 Troms and Senja deanery.

Farm Books

  • Bjarkøy bygdebok by Jens L. Jenssen. A history of Bjarkøy in Troms county along with the genealogies of the people living there. Text in Norwegian.

Farm Names

22 Akkarnes, 30 Altevik, 11 Baarnøen, 2 Buvik, 23 Dypingen, 25 Fenes nedre, 9 Flatøen, 10 Helløen, 24 Horsevik, 31 Kolsland, 31 Kolslandshaugen, 8 Krøttøen, 20 Leirvaag nordre, 1 Lemmingvær, 2 Lonkan, 12 Lyngøen, 7 Meløen, 15 Nergaard, 28 Nordsand, 5 Olfinvik, 4 Senjehesten, 5 Sjursvik, 21 Skarstein, 27 Skjellesvik, 4 Skrolsvik, 32 Slagstad, 6 Steine, 13 Sundsvold, 29 Sørsand, 3 Tømmervik, 18 Vestnes, 14 Viken, 16 Østnes, 17 Øvergaard

Bjarkøy Bygdebok Volume II

Akkarnes, Altevik, Bornøy, Breivik, Buvik, Dypingen, Fenes, Helløy, Horsevik, Kolsland, Krøttøy, Lemmingvær, Lyngøy, Meløy, Nergård, Nergårdshamn, Nordleirvåg, Nordsand, Senjehesten, Sjursvik, Skarstein, Skjellesvik, Slagstad, Steine, Sundsvold, Sørleirvåg, Sørsand, Tømmervik, Østnes, Øvergård, Vestnes

Bjarkøy Bygdebok Volume I

Akkarnes, Altevik, Bjørnøy, Bornøy, Bredvik, Buvigen, Dypingen, Flatøy, Heløy, Horsevik, Kolsland, Krøtøy, Lemmingvær, Lervang, Lyngøy,  Mellemsand, Meløyvær, Nedre Fenes, Nergård, Nordleirvåg, Nordsand, Siversvik, Sjursvik, Skarstein, Skjellesvik, Slagstad, Steinavær, Stene, Sundsvold, Sørleirvåg, Sørsand, Tømmervik, Vestnes, Viken, Østnes, Øvergård, Øvre Fenes

Historical Society

Bjarkøy Kommune Historielag


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names

-Jenssen, Jens L.: Bjarkøy Bygdebok Bind II. Trondheim 1948

-Jenssen, Jens L.: Bjarkøy Bygdebok Bind I. Trondheim 1947


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