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=== Census Records  ===
=== Census Records  ===
*'''Fogd og sorenskrivers manntall 1664-1666'''.&nbsp; The 1664-1666 census for '''Bremsnes clerical district '''include the parishes of '''Bremsnes, Kristiansund, Bornstad, Eide, Grip''', and'''Kvernes '''and is available on microfilm at the [ Family History Library]<br>
=== Court Records  ===
=== Court Records  ===

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Norway > Møre og Romsdal County > Bremsnes


Church Records

See Kvernes clerical district.

Census Records

  • Fogd og sorenskrivers manntall 1664-1666.  The 1664-1666 census for Bremsnes clerical district include the parishes of Bremsnes, Kristiansund, Bornstad, Eide, Grip, andKvernes and is available on microfilm at the Family History Library

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Probate Records

1668-1877: Probates are found in Nordmøre judicial district.

1697-1812: Clerical probates are found in Nordmøre Deanery