Bruvik, Norway

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=== Census Records:  ===
=== Census Records:  ===
Se [,_Norway Haus] for 1801 ans 1865 Census
Se [,_Norway Haus] for 1801 ans 1865 Census  
[ 1827 Census for Bruvik]
[ 1875 Census for Bruvik]  
[ 1875 Census for Bruvik]  

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Church Records

Microfilm of parish registers available at the Family History Library for Bruvik prestegjeld(clerical district).   Contains parish registers for Bruvik clerical district, which include the parishes Bruvik (Vaksdal), Dale, and Stamnes. Dale became its own clerical district in 1911. Bruvik and Stamnes became the new Bruvik clerical district in 1869, when they were divided from Haus. For earlier records see Haus clerical district. The target board on film 1282898 item 6 says Vaksdal church but the book says Stamnes.  Records available from 1821-1939.

Images of digitized parish registers available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives). 

Bruvik:  1869-1877

Bruvik/Bruvik:  1878-1937

For earlier records see Haus

Census Records:

Se Haus for 1801 ans 1865 Census

1827 Census for Bruvik

1875 Census for Bruvik

1891 Census for Bruvik

1900 Census for Bruvik

1910 Census for Bruvik

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Probate Records

1702-1910: Records are found in Nordhordaland judicial district.

1773-1810: Clerical probate records are found in Nordhordaland Deanery.