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== Related Wiki Articles  ==
== Related Wiki Articles  ==
Canada census 1871<br>Canadian censuses<br>
[ Canada census 1871]<br>[ Canadian censuses]<br>  
[ Canada Census 1871 - French - Mortality Schedule ]<br>  
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This wiki article describes a collection that is scheduled to become available for free online at FamilySearch Record Search.


Collection Time Period

This collection covers the death which occurred during the 12 months immediately prior to the census enumeration date of April 2, 1871.

Collection History

Following the Constitution Act, 1867, census taking became a federal mandate. The first census was set for 1871 and every ten years thereafter. Therefore, the first national Canadian census was conducted in 1871. Enumeration was by census district, except for Prince Edward Island, which was enumerated by lot number. Census districts were voting districts, not counties, although most have the same names as counties. For the most part, census districts were synonymous with cities and counties, and sub districts were synonymous with towns, townships, and city wards. Villages, small towns, and parishes were generally enumerated as part of the township in which they were located. Census district and county boundaries were not always the same.

The census is divided up into various sections called ‘schedules’ the first schedule is the “Return of the Living” it is the collection of living individuals. The second schedule is the “Mortality schedule” or “Nominal Return of the Deaths within last twelve months” and concerns a list of individual who died in the twelve months preceding the census. The rest of the schedules concern the agriculture, and industry of the district.

Why This Collection Was Created

Census mortality schedules are a record of individuals who died during the year the census was being taken. It is a national level death register for the census year.

Collection Reliability

Census mortality schedules are usually accurate, but this accuracy depended on the knowledge of the informant and the care of the census enumerator.

Collection Description

The schedules consist of large preprinted forms filled in by the census enumerators. The forms are printed in English.

Record Content

Information found in Census Mortality Schedules:
• Name of Deceased
• Age of Deceased
• Born in the last 12 months
• Religion
• Place of Birth
• Month of death
• Cause of death
• Marital status
• Profession or Occupation

How to Use the Collection

Using the death information, you can search for obituaries, mortuary records, cemeteries, and probate records, all of which may provide additional genealogical information. Mortality schedules also list ages and birthplaces for a time period when births were not always reported. Use this information to look for other records that may provide information about the individual, parents, and siblings.

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