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The following is a list of cemeteries in Caroline County:[1]


Anderson Cemetery

GPS: 38.028ºN, 77.353ºW

Antioch Cemetery

Location: 131 North Main Street, Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia

Beasley Cemetery

Also known as Beazley Burial Ground.

Location: Smoot's Mill, Smoots, Caroline County; GPS: 38.017ºN, 77.280ºW

Bethany Cemetery

GPS: 38.093ºN, 77.536ºW

Bethel Cemetery

For other uses, see Bethel Cemetery (disambiguation).

GPS: 37.827ºN, 77.346ºW

Bethel Cemetery

GPS: 38.072ºN, 77.420ºW

Bowling Green Methodist Cemetery

Also known as Bowling Green Cemetery.

Location: 112 South Main Street, Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia

Carmel Cemetery

GPS: 37.930ºN, 77.481ºW

Carneal Cemetery

Location: Route 630 (Sparta Road), Carneal Corners, Caroline County, Virginia

Concord Cemetery

GPS: 37.857ºN, 77.376ºW

County Line Cemetery

GPS: 38.001ºN, 77.582ºW

Eagles Nest Cemetery

GPS: 38.044ºN, 77.145ºW

Evergreen Cemetery

GPS: 38.026ºN, 77.335ºW

Grace Cemetery

GPS: 38.199ºN, 77.388ºW

Green Lawn Cemetery

GPS: 38.070ºN, 77.338ºW

Haynes Cemetery

GPS: 38.025ºN, 77.238ºW

Hopewell Cemetery

GPS: 38.142ºN, 77.439ºW

Lakewood Cemetery

GPS: 38.063ºN, 77.346ºW

Macedonia Cemetery

GPS: 38.162ºN, 77.451ºW

Mount Dew Cemetery

GPS: 38.203ºN, 77.283ºW

Mount Herman Cemetery

GPS: 37.930ºN, 77.267ºW

Mount Horeb Cemetery

GPS: 37.873ºN, 77.306ºW

Mount Lawn Cemetery

GPS: 38.134ºN, 77.391ºW

Mount Vernon Cemetery

GPS: 37.877ºN, 77.284ºW

Old Wright Cemetery

GPS: 38.019ºN, 77.462ºW

Rehoboth Cemetery

GPS: 38.010ºN, 77.601ºW

Rollins Cemetery

GPS: 38.015ºN, 77.188ºW

Rosehill Cemetery

GPS: 37.942ºN, 77.373ºW

Round Oak Cemetery

GPS: 38.201ºN, 77.386ºW

Saint Margaret's Cemetery

GPS: 37.923ºN, 77.451ºW

Saint Mary's Cemetery

GPS: 38.089ºN, 77.502ºW

Saint Paul's Cemetery

GPS: 37.917ºN, 77.394ºW

Salem Cemetery

GPS: 37.990ºN, 77.234ºW

Shiloh Cemetery

GPS: 37.923ºN, 77.223ºW


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