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It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]



As of August 2010, a query for persons born in Chester, South Carolina at World Connect, results in more than 30,000 entries.

Surname indexes to Leonardo Andrea's Files | Folders | Resources are available online, courtesy: The Andrea Files: South Carolina Genealogical Research. Gotoarrow.png Learn more.

Genealogies about several Chester County families are kept at the Winthrop College Archives and Special Collections in Rock Hill, S.C.[1]

Several Chester County families are discussed in the following collections:

  • Hartness, George Bowman. By Ship, Wagon, and Foot to York County, S.C. Columbia, S.C.: G.B. Hartness, 1966. FHL 975.743 D2h ["A compilation of historical information on the following families who were among the earliest white settlers of York, Chester, Winnsboro, and Kershaw Counties, South Carolina: Hartness, Ash, Burris, Bowen, Whitley, Mitchell, Carson, Thomas, Neil, Irvin, Chesnut, Curley, Sutton, McClain, Waggoner, Eakins, Johnsey, and including a chapter on the Hartness family who settled in New York State."]
  • Myer, Lois C. Descendants of Dr. Alexander Rosborough and Mary Hemphill in Chester Co., South Carolina: Descendants of James Strong and Elizabeth of Chester Co. South Carolina; Descendants of James Brice and Jane Wilson of Antrim Co. Ireland and Fairfield Co., South Carolina; Descendants of Andrew Hemphill and Isabelle McKeown of Chester Co., South Carolina; Descendants of William Maffatt and Barbara Chesnut of Chester Co. South Carolina; Descendants of James Knox and Elizabeth Craig of Tennessee; Descendants of William Gaston and Miss Lemon of Clough Water, Ireland and Chester Co., South Carolina; More Roseborough and Gaston Family Records. Typescript. Microfilmed 1969. FHL 599428
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  • [Allen] Allen--Osborn--Alley, and Connected Families, Census Records, 1850-1870. Typescript, 1937. FHL Film 1597818 Item 8.
  • [Archer] Archer and Allied Families, ca. 1727-1960. MSS. Microfilmed 1986: FHL Vault US/CAN Film 1435481.
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  • [Crawford] Veach, Mary Frances Thomas. Sorting the Waxhaw Crawfords a Compendium of Research on the Crawfords & Related Families Starting Out in the Counties of York, Chester, & Lancaster, South Carolina Before the Revolution. Elverta, Calif.: M. Veach, 1993. FHL 929.273 C856v; digital version at Family History Archives.
  • [Cureton] Perry, Max. Descendants of the Cureton Families of York and Chester Counties of South Carolina: Including Genealogical Briefs of the Stewart, Webb and Heath Families. Midland, Texas: M. Perry, 2001. FHL 929.273 C923p
  • [Davison] Wells, Laurence K. "William Davison of York County, S.C., 1779," National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 60, No. 3 (Sep. 1972):163-168. FHL Book 973 B2ng v. 60
  • [Edwards] Stevens, Robert J. and William Henry Edwards. Captain Bill: The Records and Writings of Captain William Henry Edwards (and Others), Company A, 17th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States of America, a History and Genealogy of Chester County, S.C. in Five Volumes. 5 vols. Richburg, S.C.: Chester District Genealogical Society, 1985. FHL 975.747 H2s
  • [Faris] Faris, David. The Faris Family of Washington County, Indiana: A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Farrie; Born in County Antrim, Ireland about the Year 1745; Settled on Rocky Creek, Chester County, South Carolina in 1772; Died as William Faries on Turkey Creek, York County, South Carolina in 1805: Including the Principal Families of Baird, Devinney, Ervin, Faries, Faris, Finley, Loudon, McIntyre, Martin, Steuart, Taggart, Tippin & Woods. Philadelphia, Pa.: D. Faris, 1984. FHL 929.273 F228fd
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  • [Fee] Fee Family Bible Records, ca. 1785-1887. Typescript. Microfilmed 1989. FHL Film 1638488 Item 36.
  • [Ferguson] Paulus, Maud A. Shields/McElhannon Families, Neely/Ferguson Families, Faris/Lusk/Whitside Families. Typescript. FHL Book 976.4 D2c.
  • [Franklin] Franklin, Jesse Edward. The Family and Ancestry of Sims Kelly Franklin and Margaret Virginia Chapman Franklin. Wolfe City, Texas: Henington Pub., 1973. FHL Book 929.273 F854b.
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  • [Graham] Kell, Katherine Tolle and Philip James Graham. David Graham of Chester County, South Carolina and His Descendants, 1772-1989. Birmingham, Mich.: K.T. Kell, 1990. FHL 929.273 G76k
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  • [Harbison] Harbison, Milford W. James Harbison (1739-1825) Genealogy. MSS. Microfilmed 1977. FHL Film 982438 Item 2.
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  • [Kirkpatrick] Kirkpatrick, Melvin E. and David Hudson. A Kirkpatrick Genealogy: Being an Account of the Descendants of the Family of James Kirkpatrick of South Carolina, ca. 1715-1786. Coalville, Iowa: D. Hudson, 1996. FHL Book 929.273 K363k.
  • [Knox] Petersen, Lorene K. and Jennie Jane Belle Lyle. Knox--James Knox, Sr. and Elizabeth Craig Knox and Their Descendants. Pinedale, Ariz.: A.L. & L.K. Petersen, 1984. FHL Book 929.273 K773p.
  • [Lacey] Moore, Maurice Augustus. The Life of Gen. Edward Lacey: With a List of Battles and Skirmishes in South Carolina During the Revolutionary War. Spartanburg, S.C.: Douglass, Evins & Co., 1859. FHL Book 1550788 Item 9.
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  • [Porter] Leigon, William, Faye Leigon, Stewart Porter, and Blake Williams. The Porters of Fishing Creek: A History of the Porter Family Which Lived in Chester County, South Carolina During the Revolutionary War Period with an Account of Some of Their Descendants and Allied Families. Truth or Consequences, N.M.: W. & F. Leigon, 1987. FHL Book 929.273 P833Lw
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  • [Speer] Speer, Rollo Clayton. A Genealogical Account of the Family of John I. Speer and Joseph Lowery Speer, Prominent Brothers in the Early Life of the State of Kansas John I. Speer was the Editor of the First Paper in Lawrence: Joseph Lowery Speer was the First Lieutenant Governor of Kansas. Topeka, Kan.: Kansas State Historical Society, 1967. FHL Film 1688880 Item 1.
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