Christ Church Parish, South Carolina

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=== Boundary  ===
=== Boundary  ===
*Borders St. Thomas & St. Denis and St. Philip's & St. Michael's parishes. For a map, see: [ Early parishes in South Carolina].
*Borders [[St._Michaels_Parish,_South_Carolina|St. Michael's]], [[St._Philips_Parish,_South_Carolina|St. Philip's]], and [[St._Thomas_and_St._Denis_Parish,_South_Carolina|St. Thomas & St. Denis]] parishes. For a map, see: [ Early parishes in South Carolina].
== Resources  ==
== Resources  ==

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  South Carolina  Gotoarrow.png  Christ Church Parish



South Carolina's "Anglican parishes were used as election districts and had responsibility for road development, care of the poor, and education."[1]

Christ Church Parish serves [blank] County, South Carolina


  • 1706



Church Records and History


  1. "The Formation of Counties in South Carolina," at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History website, accessed 21 January 2011.