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George J. Pace,p.207;  William J. Palmer, p.50-57, p.92,240note30,;  Mrs. Parker, p.106;  William Pelham, p.62;  Marinus Petrus Pels, p.9,24,121,124-158,167,191-206,246note26,255note13,;  H.D. Peri, p168;  Gaspar Perricone, p.2-4,17-18,216,250note21,;  Fred Pheffer,p.219;  William A. Pile, p.50;  Saturnino Pinard, p.169;  Cynthia A Pitcher, obit;  E. Pitts, p.230;  E.L. Pitz,p.170;  Jose Pley. p.232note30, ;  H.W. Porter, bhsp;  John Pratt, p.50;  L.S. Preston, p.266;



E.J.Randolph, p.39,133,150,196,200,;  Thomas Reese, p.219;  Regan, p.219;  L.B. Reynolds, p.266; Viola Keenan Reynolds,bhsp;  Sheriff Rhinehart, p.68;  Nellie Roberts,p.266;  Dr. Robin,p.210;  Robinson,p.219;  H.M. Rodrick, p.266; Rafael Romero,p.162; H.P. Roseberry, p.266;  Roth, p.170;  T.G. Rowe,p.67; p.219;  Jose Manuel Royuela, p.161;  H.S.Russell, p.155-6; Marian Russell,p.134,195,199,201,205-206,254note12,255-6note25,;  Richard D. Russell, p.95,116,121,148-150,153-154,156,187,194-196,200-201,204-206,244note1,254note12,255note13,256notes27-28,; William Ryus,p.295.  


Manuel M. Salazar, p.266, bhsp, photo p.251;  Justo Sandoval,p.200;  San Pablo, p.99,100,;  T. Saunders, p.207;  Ed Savage, p16;  Schomburg, p.106;  Schuman, p.219;  Hugo Seaberg, p.169, p.266;   Sears, p.207;  E.G. Segerstrom, p.212;  Santiago Serna, pris; Service, p.231;  Edwin O  Seward, p.266;  Frank R Sherwin, p.68, p.168;  Shoup, p.231;  Jesus Silva, p.137;  Mrs Oliver Silvermail,p.212;  C.W. Sinnock, p.169;  F. Sitko, p.230;  Charley Smith, bhsp;  F.H. Smith, pris;  J. Smith, p.229;  Will South, p.210;  Thomas Rush Spencer, p.89,90,92,;  W.R. Spencer, p.266;  Frank Springer, p.129,140-141,161,;  Dick Steel, p.68;  Mary Steep, p.70;  M.B. Stockton, p.169, p.206;  Sullivan, p.219;  M.Sullivan, p.229;


P.P. Talle, bhsp;  John Thacker, p206-7obit;  Mrs. L. R. Thomas, p.134;  John Thompson, pris;  Reverend Franklin J. Tolby, gsjh, p1, p.110-113,137,242note71,;  Torres, p.231;  Jose Luis Torres, p.148-149,156,200,256note30,;  Daniel Troy, p.266;  Anastacio Trujillo, p.160;  Eleanor Beaubien Trujillo, p.51, 53, 63, photo figure 16 pp77-8, ;  Vidal Trujillo, p.53, photo,figure 16 pp.77-8,;  Ted Turner, p.141,;  Turpin, p.219;  Edward G. Twitty, p.266, p.133, ;



J. Inocencio Valdez, p.161; Jesus M. Valdez, p.167; Narciso Valdez,p.160, p.163; Paz Valverde, p.164; Jan Van Houghten, p.130;  Vasquez (Catskill Lumber Mill),p.211;  Tom Vaughn,p.106;  Cruz Vega, p1, p.110-113,;  Verbeek, bhsp;  Cornelio Vigil, p.32-34,36,187,225-6notes26and37,; Tenduro Vigil, p.137; A.C. Voorhees, bhsp;   


Wilson Waddingham, p.88,92,240note30, ;  George Wagstaff, p16;  J.M. Waldcorn, p.212;  James H. Walker, p.163, p.266;  Wall, p.212;  Wallace sisters, p.168;  A.C. Wallace, p.131,;  John S Watts, p.50, p.92;  Bruce "Red" Weaver, pris;  Parker Wells,p.229;  George A Weymouth, p.266;  Johnson Mesa Wheeler, p.68;  Harry Whigham, p.120-126,1311-138,143-154,157-158,207,;  White, p.231, p.41-44,227note56,228note60,;  Richard White, p.15;  Whitman, p.206;  Wilder (Catskill Lumber Mill) p.211;  J.A.Williamson, p.95,115-117;  Bill Wooden, p.106;  Richens Lacy "Uncle Dick" Wootten, schc, p.198,;  Wrigley,p.231;  William C Wrigley, bhsp;



Caldwell Yeaman, p.201,;  Florence York, p.212;


W.F. Ziegelaars, p.123,;


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