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{{HR Known Issues-page}} <br>
{{HR Known Issues-page}} <br>
== <center>Known Issues</center> ==
<br>If you encounter problems with this collection, feel free to report them at []. Please include the following information:
*If searching a specific collection: please include the name of the collection; include all search criteria used, including name, event, dates and places.
*If browsing this collection: please include the full path you followed to where the problem occurred. The browse path is located above the Image viewer window.&nbsp; Example, Czech Republic, Land Records, 1450-1850 &gt; Buk &gt; Land book (Gruntovní kniha) &gt; V. 227104010-000476-00001, 1578-1678 &gt; Image 23 of 108
*If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.
Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.
<br>Return to the [[Czech Republic Land Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)|Wiki Learn More]] or go to the [ Czech Republic, Land Records] collection @<br>

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