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During the Medieval ages and through the Renaissance, Denmark was divided into political jurisdictions called Len. In 1662, many of the small Len were combined together to create a new political jurisdiction called Amt. The Amt, or county, in Denmark was established on the 19th of February 1662, when the government of Denmark evolved into an Absolute Monarchy. The Amt had responsibility in carrying out the King’s decrees throughout the country, for the county’s hospitals, sick houses, poor, education, and community planning.

Knowing the Amt is important to Danish research. Records throughout Denmark are organized and found under the Amt that they belonged to. For example, when faced with a village name that appears more than once, knowing the Amt can determine the exact desired village and records needed for research.  Below is a picture and list of the existing Amts from 1662 to 1793 to help with locating the right records.


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