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Danish English
o.s.v. etc.
oberst colonel
offentlig public
ofte often
og and
ogsaa also
Oktober October
oldefader great-grandfather
oldemoder great-grandmother
om if, about
omboende neighboring
omegn neighborhood, neighboring place
omflakkende vagabond
omkomme be killed
omkring about, approximately
omstrejfer vagabond, tramp, vagrant
omtrent about, almost
onkel uncle
Onsdag Wednesday
op up
opfostringshus orphanage
opholde sig reside(s), stay
opholder live
opholdsted place of residence
opløsning dissolution of marriage or partnership
oppe above, upstairs
optegnelse record
opvaskepige scullery maid
ordentlig correct
os us
otte 8
otte og tyvende 28th
ottende 8th
ovenmeldte, ovennævnte above mentioned
overgartner head gardener
overrække present, give


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