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The Len in Denmark ( - 1659)

During Medieval times Denmark was organized into areas called Lens. Each Len was under the supervision of a government appointed Lensmand who managed the Kings affairs within the Len.

The Counties of Denmark (1662 - 1793)

In 1662 Denmark was organized into 48 Counties.

The Counties of Denmark (1793 - 1970)

In 1793 the Counties were reorganized into 24 Counties . The Danish name for county is Amt. The organization of Danish records in the Family History Library Catalog is based upon this time period.

HjørringHjørringAalborgThistedViborgRandersRandersRingkøbingSkanderborgÅrhusRibeVejleTønderHaderslevÅbenråSønderborgOdenseSvendborgMariboHolbækSorøFrederiksborgPræstøKøbenhavnBornholmKøbenhavn CityDanish Amts 1793 to 1970 2x2.jpg

The Counties of Denmark (1970 - 2006)

In 1970 the Counties of Denmark were reorganized into 15 Counties.

NordjyllandNordjyllandViborgÅrhusRingkøbingRibeVejleSønderjyllandFynVestsjællandStorstrømRoskildeFrederiksborgKøbenhavnKøbenhavn CityBornholmDanish Amts 1970 to 2006 2x2.jpg
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The Regions of Denmark (2007 - )

As of January 1, 2007 the Counties of Denmark were replaced by 5 Regions.


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