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This is a working spaceholder for adding something that sits above the things the FHL England team has been working on relating to British Military Records. This is an outline of what we are working on, but we haven't yet thought through how we will get to these pages or where they will be inserted. 


This page is designed to help you if:

You think your ancestor might have served in the British Military and you want to verify it or

You want to learn how to find out if your ancestor might have served in the British Military.

The following items relate to discovering, analyzing, and verifying potential military service of an individual in Great Britain.

Self-Directed Reference Interview (or Research Technique)

  1. What do I want to know (objective)?
  2. What do I already  know, have, etc.?
  3. How do I “know” that (source)?
  4. What else do I know but Didn’t Think was Important?

Things Which Indicate a Potential Military Connection

  • I have a tradition or artifact of military connection
  • I have a civil certificate w/military indication
  • I have them in the census w/military indication
  • I have a church record or headstone w/military indication

Assessing Reliability


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