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== Jurisdictions  ==
== Jurisdictions  ==
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Administrative divisions:
31 provinces (provincias singular - provincia) and 1 district* (distrito); <br>Azua <br>Bahoruco <br>Barahona <br>Dajabon <br>Distrito Nacional* <br>Duarte <br>El Seibo <br>Elias Pina <br>Espaillat <br>Hato Mayor <br>Independencia <br>La Altagracia <br>La Romana <br>La Vega <br>Maria Trinidad Sanchez <br>Monsenor Nouel <br>Monte Cristi <br>Monte Plata <br>Pedernales <br>Peravia <br>Puerto Plata <br>Salcedo <br>Samana <br>San Cristobal <br>San Jose de Ocoa <br>San Juan <br>San Pedro de Macoris <br>Sanchez Ramirez <br>Santiago <br>Santiago Rodriguez <br>Santo Domingo <br>Valverde
[ Provinces of the Dominican Republic]
== Dominican Republic Archives  ==
== Dominican Republic Archives  ==

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Getting started with Dominican Republic research

The Dominican Republic is a country occupying the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola Island in the  West Indies, while the western third of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti.[1] Hispaniola Island is one of the Greater Antilles Islands on the northern edge of the Caribbean Sea helping to separate it from the North Atlantic Ocean. The island lies between Cuba on the west and Puerto Rico on the east. See the CIA World Factbook article about the Domincan Repulic. 

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Si usted entiende español

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(Translated into English: If you understand Spanish
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Administrative divisions:

31 provinces (provincias singular - provincia) and 1 district* (distrito);
Distrito Nacional*
El Seibo
Elias Pina
Hato Mayor
La Altagracia
La Romana
La Vega
Maria Trinidad Sanchez
Monsenor Nouel
Monte Cristi
Monte Plata
Puerto Plata
San Cristobal
San Jose de Ocoa
San Juan
San Pedro de Macoris
Sanchez Ramirez
Santiago Rodriguez
Santo Domingo

Provinces of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Archives

The website for the Archives of the Dominican Republic is in Spanish with no option to be displayed in English, but it appears they at least have a catalog of materials available and may have some online data.  There is an email address provided for inquiries.

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  1. Dominican Republic - Wikipedia: [accessed December 28, 2011]