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Known Issues

Question #1: I would like to order the film for this record. How do I know that I have the correct film?
Answer# 1:. It is best to perform a Catalog search on the film number and read the notes to determine if you have the correct film number (occasionally, the incorrect number will be shown on the indexed record). Several of the records are tied to multiple films as well. When that is the case, there will be several source films listed.

To perform a catalog search, follow these steps:
1. Click the Catalog at familysearch.org
2. Under Search, choose Film Numbers from the drop down list
3. Key the film number into the ‘For’ box
4. Press the Search button
5. Click on the Title to view notes about the film.

Question #2: I have searched for a person and found two results. All of the information is the same, except the place of birth, they are different. Which one is correct?
Answer #2: When a search yields several records for the same person, and the information in the indexes do not match, you can check the Catalog (as described in Answer #1 above) to verify the correct location. A recent update to the collection verified that all of the records with ODM as a source are correct so if two records exist, one from ODM and other from EASy, the ODM record should be correct.

Question #3: I am finding errors in the localities for events. Is there a list available showing the correct locations for the birth, marriages and death records?
Answer #3: Following is a list of errors we are aware of.

Film 2299763: Was indexed as being Barnham Broom. It should be Scole parish records
Film 1596404: Item 2 was indexed as Whitchurch. It should be Whitsbury
• Batches I03349-7, I03349-8, and I03349-9 list the event place as Ecclesfield, York, England. It should be Chapelry of Bradfield, York, England
• Batch I02033-6: Event place was indexed as Kirkheaton, York, England. It should be Richmond, York, England.
• Batches C13548-1 and C13548-3: Event place was indexed as the Parish of Rye. It should be Baptisms for the Parish of Salehurst, Sussex for the years 1626-1699 and 1730-1782.
• Batch C13548-5: Event place was indexed as Salehurst for the years 1728-1729. The correct event place and date range are yet to be established.
• Batch I04626-2: Event place was indexed as West Tisted. It should be West Tytherley
• Batch I05575-5: Event place was indexed as Norwich. It should be Carlton Forehoe, Norfolk, England
• Batch I03887-9: Lists the name of the Deanery, not the Parish. Check film 350480 for localities.
• Batch 104088-6: Event place was indexed as Walsall-Wood. It should be Tutbury
• Batch I07481-4: Christenings location in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, England is given correctly. But record shows a residence of Alburgh, Norfolk, England. There is nothing in the record that identifies the residence of the people in these records.
• Batch C01707-0 from film number 1894478, item 3. Records are from St. Stephens, South Shield, Durham, not Stockton-upon-Tees.
• Batch I07402-8 from film number 1702622,Item 1: Records are from Docking, Norfolk, England not Garboldisham, Norfolk.
• Batch I07439-6 was extracted as Great Durham and should be Great Dunham
• Microfilm 1541958 Item 4 is from Bucknall, Lincolnshire not Claxby Pluckacre, Lincolnshire.
• Batch I03905-0 Film 1517739 items 13-21 are records from Yoxall not Wombourn.
• Batch I07097-2 Film 1471170. This film has records from both Walcot and Walton Parishes. The film would have to be reviewed to confirm which location is the correct one. To order a film, follow the procedure outlined in answer #1 above. Once the you find the film in the catalog, click on it and the procedure for ordering the film will be displayed.
• Batch C07271-1 Films 991346, 991389. The location should be recorded as Northchurch, Hertfordshire rather than North Church, Hertford
• Batch I00355-6, Film 1836196. The location of Birth and Christening records should be recorded as Sturry, Kent rather than Dover, Kent.
• Batch C01830-0, Film 1473693. The location has been spelled incorrectly. It should be Sevenoaks, not Seven Oaks.
• Batch C00078-2, Film 1279596 are records from Albacete, Spain not England.
• Batch C01208-2, Source film 98354 is incorrect and should likely be 919428

Question #4: A single page of baptismal records from Bumpstead-Helion, Essex, England are incorrectly indexed as burial records. How can I ensure I do not interpret these baptismal records as death or burial records?
Answer #4: If you search by Batch Number: I03392-7 and Death, Event Range: 1838-1838, the eight (8) search results with entries in the parents field and burial date range: 29 Jul, 5 Aug, 2 Sep 1838 are actually baptismal records.

Question #5: Some batch searches show results from both Germany and England. Which is correct?
Answer #5: In some cases the same batch number has been given to two different film numbers, one from Germany and one from England. In other cases, the batch is from just one film but there has been an error by attributing the the batch to two different locations. In either case, the correct location can be determined by looking up the film description in the Catalog as described in Question and Answer #1

Question #6: Search results from Batch P01580-1 includes records prior to 1658 but the film number description says the records are from 1658-1714. What is the correct film number for batch P01580-1 prior to 1658?
Answer #6: Search results from batch P01580-1 prior to 1658 are from film 824046. Film 402302 is incorrectly identified as the source film for those results.

If you encounter additional problems with this collection, feel free to report them at support@familysearch.org. Please include the following information:

  • If searching a specific collection: please include the name of the collection; include all search criteria used, including name, event, dates and places.
  • If you are reporting a technical issue: please include your operating system and browser version, such as Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

Your assistance will help ensure that future revisions will be considered.

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