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Known Issues

Question #1: The information about this collection states that there is a population of 29,707,207. Why are there only 5,962,278 records available?
Answer #1: This collection contains 5,962,278 records. Each record contains the names of persons in what is basically considered a household. The number of persons represented in this collection is 29,707,207; the number of records of households is 5,962,278.

Question #2: On the previous FamilySearch (Classic) site, I was able to view all of the members of a family. Now there are times when some members of a household are missing. How can I be sure I am viewing all members of a household on the current site?
Answer #2: The information we have is in partnership with FindMyPast. Because of this partnership all of their records can be viewed for free at your local Family History Center. If you just wish to validate that our index contains all the names of all the members of a household, you can sign into FindMyPast using the link from our site. After creating a username and password you can view the FindMyPast index of their images for free, but not the images.

Question #3: On the old site (Classic) I could view the index of the members of one household and then go to the next household down the street and view the index of the members of that house. This process is now unavailable. Will this feature be returned to FamilySearch? How can I view these households by street?
Answer #3: This process will not be available on FamilySearch. However, as indicated in Answer #2 above, you may perform this type of search by viewing the images through FindMyPast for free at your local Family History Center.

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