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English Danish
had havde
hairdresser frisør
half halv
hanged him/her self hængt sig
happened skedte
harbor, port havn
hardworking flittig
has, have har
hatmaker hattemager
he that gives the bride away, best man forlover
he, him, his han, ham, hans
head clerk (with power of attorney) fuldmægtig
head gardener overgartner
head of house hovedperson
head of house husfader
head of the household husfader
headmaster rector
heart hjerte
heart disease hjertefejl
heirs arvinger
held child at font bar barnet
her, hers hende, hendes
herdsman kvæghyrde
herdsman røgter
herdsman, shepherd hyrde
here her
himself, herself, oneself, itself sig
hindrance, prevent,obstruction til hindring
hire leje
hired on a daily basis gaar i dagleje
his hans
his, hers, ones, its sin, sit, sine
hold, stop, keep holde
holder of a small plot of land parcellist
holy, sacred hellig
home hjem
home (at) hjemme, hiemme
honest ærlig
horse hest
horse dealer hestehandler
horsetrader studehandler
hospital hospital
hospital patient, welfare recipient hospitalslem
hour time
house hus (huus)
house in front, often the main or owner’s house forhus
household husstand
housekeeper husholderske
housemaid stuepige
hunter jæger
husband, head of house husbonde


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