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English Danish
obstacle, hindrance hindring
occupant, resident beboer
occupation bestilling
occupation haandtering
October Oktober
of age (legal) myndig
of, at, by, from af
of, at, by, from af = av
offspring afkom
often ofte
often abrev. for hustru (wife) h.
old soldier hugaf
old, aged gammel, gl.
older than, advanced in life ældre
oldest ældst
on, at paa
on, upon paa
only kun
only child enebarn
open aaben
or, or else eller
organ grinder positivspiller
orphan forældreløs
orphanage opfostringshus
others andre
our vor
out ud
outside of udenfor
own egen
own (to) eje
owner besidder
owner of house husejer
owner, freeholder selvejer


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